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Hi, I'm Alvaro!

> I write code.

> And I blog. About software and music.

> I love technology.

> And playing the piano. And road trips. And ping pong.

> I work at Microsoft.

> Come say hi @alvarorahul.

Alvaro Dias


A library that generates documentation for TypeScript code by correlating the TypeScript typing with JsDocs comments.

MarkDown to HTML converter

A simple UI to generate HTML from markdown using the marked library.

Konkani Vocabulary

A prototype vocabulary for the Konkani languague, including an experiment in including contributions from external sources.

The bassoon king meets my kindle app

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Spoiler alert: I may or may not talk about a few things about the book "The Bassoon King: MY life in Art, Faith, and Idiocy"

Posting here after a long time. I've been busy this year and haven't blogged much. Until November that is. That's when I launched, my personal website where I've started blogging on software and technology.

So there were a few reasons why I chose to read this book

  1. The bassoon smashing incident: There was a lot of hype about Rainn Willson's memoir pertaining to him smashing a bassoon on some late night show.
  2. The oxford comma in the title: So for those of you who don't know what this is, read this
  3. Foreword by Dwight: Need I say more. Again for the few of you who don't know Dwight Schrute
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