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How to: debug and step into a referenced c# project from a c++ metro app

I faced this issue recently where I created a C++ metro style app. Some of the functionality I wrote in a C# project compiled to a WinMD file and referenced it in the C++ app.
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How To: Reference a C# library in a C++ Metro App project

I’ll keep this short. Basically to reference any project whether C# or C++ or even VB, the Output type must be WinMD File.
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How to recursively call a Lambda Expression

Have you ever faced the below situation where C# does not allow you to recursively call a lambda expression?
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Creating SharePoint WebApplication the geeky way

There I was coding away for my project, when I thought what if I created a sharepoint site entirely from code? and i mean right from creating a web application to a site collection and beyond...
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so what's the difference between string and System.String?

Well nothing really!!! string is just a c# alias and System.String is a .NET type i.e. "string" is an alias for "String".
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yield return - modern plumbing for iteration??

yield, IEnumerator, IEnumerable,... confused?... well let me explain: ...
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String.IsNullOrEmpty() - boon or bane

So, as part of a functionality i wanted to implement, i needed to validate whether a string was null or empty. Came up with 3 different ways: ...
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