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How To: Add a watermark to a WPF TextBox

I recently was working on some code where I needed to add a watermark to my WPF TextBox. Now this is not built-in functionality. So i thought of implementing a similar functionality myself.
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Going the InputBindings way: Part 4 - How to code Mouse Bindings

Getting straight to the point, in this article, I will be explaining how to create command bindings to certain mouse events such a RightClick or a LeftDoubleClick among others.
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Going the InputBindings way: Part 2 - .NET 3.5

Now, if you are on .NET 3.5, you will have noticed that the XAML I have provided does not work. Shown it below again for reference.
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Going the InputBindings way: Part 1 - Keyboard Accessibility

You can specify an input binding in XAML as shown below.
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WPF - creating attractive and effective user interfaces

So what exactly is WPF? is it just another new technology released by microsoft? well that it is... but then it would be hard to understand how WPF could change the way we do windows programming ...
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