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Challenges in a single-page application - bundling strategies

Why do we need to bundle script files? When building a website, there's a few constraints that are imposed on the developer such as network bandwidth and the processing capabilities of the client browser and machine. Bundling of JavaScript files helps to reduce the usage of these constrained resources through multiple desirable effects.
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Challenges in a single-page application - Analytics

How good is my single page application really? Which features do users use the most? Are they easy to find and use? If you find yourself asking these questions, then continue reading. You're trying to improve your application. To do this the first step is assess the current state of your application, i.e. instrument.
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Challenges in a (really) large single-page application - how to optimize script downloads

Browsers were originally designed for stateless HTML pages. SPAs have deviated from that model quite an extent. So, when building an SPA, there's a few challenges that have emerged and need to be overcome.
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Azure Portal - What it takes to make a single page application performant

Today I'd like to explore and talk about what it takes to make a large single page application like the Azure Portal meet these high quality bars for scale, performance and reliability.
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