Learning Metro Game Development using Direct2D

Recently I got into the mood for developing a simple game for Window 8 Metro UI and so I started reading up on DirectX development using Windows RT.

I decided to develop a simple game which had alien spaceships coming down from the top of the screen and the player had a battleship to shoot those aliens spaceships down and score points. The number and resilience of the alien spaceships would increase as the levels increase.

I plan to add features to the game as I move forward with designing and development of the game. Hopefully I will be able to prioritize and implement and incorporate them into the game. The following features are at the top of my mind: -

  • Game Leaderboard – to show how other players fare
  • Different types of aliens with different resiliencies
  • Some sort of Super Aliens which have a limited ability to dodge missiles shot by the player
  • Some sort of multiplayer mode where players can play against each other online

Here’s an initial screenshot of the Start Screen of the game

Aliens game main page