Learning Metro Game Development using Direct2D - Part 2

So, the last time I posted I had just started on the Game. I had a good idea of what I wanted to do, had a basic app structure in place and a book on Introduction to Game Development by Steve Rabin in hand. And of course, a developer’s best friend – The Search Engine.

Here’s what I’ve accomplishes so far.

  • A basic working version of the game with aliens coming down the screen, and a battleship which has the capability to launch missiles to destroy the aliens
  • A metadata driven level complexity – i.e. the number of aliens, their resilience, etc.
  • An online leaderboard which shows the top scorers

What’s left to be done

  • Improving the leaderboard to allow pagination and sorting, showing the current weeks top scorers, and other similar features
  • improving the images for the battleship and the aliens and their spaceships
  • quite a few bug-fixes here and there – some quite severe, others not so much.

Here are a few screenshots.

Game level 1

Game screenshot