Learning Metro Game Development using Direct2D - Part 3

Here’s when I share the fact that I have published a V1 of the game. It’s still lacking in some desirable features, which will come in subsequent releases. Still I’m pretty happy considering that I decided to write my own game engine instead of using an existing one (probably a daring/foolish thing to do if this was a commercial venture).

Release 1 of the game has the following features

  • A basic game engine that allows for the player’s battleship and alien spaceships rendering on the screen
  • As the alien spaceships come down the screen, the player can launch missiles to destroy them scoring points
  • A decent leaderboard allowing users to see the top scorers of the game
  • Touch support allowing users to play the game on a tablet
  • Supporting website giving users access to more information regarding the game

You can download and play my game on a Windows 8 PC from this link.

Wish you all a merry christmas.