the Microsoft "2008" wave of Softwares

So I finally decided that it's high time I try out the new 2008 wave of MS softwares... and I started by formatting the OS drive of my desktop and installing the new 64bit Windows Server 2008. Pretty fast on a 1 gig machine this is the 64bit version compared to my earlier 32 bit 2003 server machine... so I'll hang on to my judgement on this for some more time. From here I went on and installed Visual Studio 2008... So far so good... everything seems to be running fine... all old projects compiling and everything...

Next step - SQL Server 2008 -RTM.... after the initial few steps where I chose various options.. it finally comes to the last step and verifies whether all requirements are satisfied.... but guess what... it fails for one requirement... Visual Studio 2008 SP1 should be installed... but where do I get that from... that's not yet released!!!

So, I go on and uninstall VS 2008. Now SQL Server installs fine and is up and running. So again I go about installing VS 2008. The setup completes successfully. Everything seems to be fine. I open some existing projects and they seem to be running fine.

Now I decide to create a new project... only after clicking new, I can see no project templates.. I click on "Visual CSharp" on the left pane... but of no avail.. its empty.

After some searching on the internet... though I googled it, it took quite a few searches before I was able to get something to my liking. It turned out that this is a known issue whenever SQL Server is installed followed by Visual Studio... with a simple solution.

In the Command Prompt, go to the %Program Files%\Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE" folder

In this folder execute the following command: devenv.exe /installvstemplates

So for now I'm good to go. More to come in this series as I explore more of these products.

Till then adieu