Walkthroughs of features in WebMatrix 3 Preview

The preview for WebMatrix 3 was released a few weeks back. The below videos provide walkthroughs on new features in this preview.

Windows Azure integration

Walkthrough: How to Edit a Site Hosted on Windows Azure with WebMatrix

Video: Using WebMatrix to edit your live site on Windows Azure

Video: Using WebMatrix to Publish a site to Windows Azure

Remote site editing

Walkthrough: How to Edit a Remote Site with WebMatrix

Video: Editing a remote site with WebMatrix

Source Control with GIT

Walkthrough: How to use Git in WebMatrix

Video: Using Git with WebMatrix

Source Control with TFS

Walkthrough: How to use TFS in WebMatrix

Video: Using TFS with WebMatrix

You can go ahead and download the preview at http://www.microsoft.com/web/webmatrix/next/

Don’t forget to provide feedback at http://webmatrix.uservoice.com/

Till my next post.