Whats new in SQL Server Management Studio 2012

In SQL Server 2012, Management Studio is a whole new beast. First and foremost, it is powered by Visual Studio, which means we get a whole lot of VS goodness. Its simple things like switching between SQL Server 2008 R2 keyboard shortcuts and VS 2010 keyboard shortcuts.

The T-SQL debugger has marked improvements. Breakpoints are fully supported. The Watch and Quick Watch window can be used for t-sql expressions.

Also, tiny things like the fact that hovering over an identifier gives useful information like the name of the expression and its value, make a developers life that much easier.

There’s a whole bunch of enhancements to intellisense, including breakpoint validation and snippets, is awesome.

Keyboard Shortcuts for snippets

Ctrl + k, Ctrl + x => insert code snippet Ctrl + k, Ctrl + c => insert surround with snippet