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Clock tile and other productivity tiles in the Azure Portal

To provide access to miscellaneous functionality, the tile gallery in the Azure Portal has a 'General' pivot. We've recently (this post is coming in a bit late, so recent-past is probably more like it) added some really cool tiles to this category to help improve user productivity in Azure.
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New TypeDocs release with website generation

TypeDocs is a library that generates API documentation for your TypeScript code. One of the cool features it provides is automatically correlating JsDocs in code with the associated type of the code entity. It is available as an NPM package by running the command 'npm install typedocs'.
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Challenges in a single-page application - bundling strategies

Why do we need to bundle script files? When building a website, there's a few constraints that are imposed on the developer such as network bandwidth and the processing capabilities of the client browser and machine. Bundling of JavaScript files helps to reduce the usage of these constrained resources through multiple desirable effects.
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Challenges in a single-page application - Analytics

How good is my single page application really? Which features do users use the most? Are they easy to find and use? If you find yourself asking these questions, then continue reading. You're trying to improve your application. To do this the first step is assess the current state of your application, i.e. instrument.
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Usability improvements in the Azure Portal: Resource Menu

The latest update to the Azure Portal introduces a new way of browing to your resources and managing them, namely the resource menu. This is new type of blade used by Azure resources that places all commonly used functionality conveniently to the left.
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Challenges in a (really) large single-page application - how to optimize script downloads

Browsers were originally designed for stateless HTML pages. SPAs have deviated from that model quite an extent. So, when building an SPA, there's a few challenges that have emerged and need to be overcome.
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How to serve static content from an Azure Web App

So, while prototyping an unrelated UX feature, I decided to deploy a simple website with some static JSON files to an Azure Web App. You've guessed right, it doesn't work!
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Resource locks: Prevent accidental changes to your services from the Azure Portal

There are certain resources in Azure that you don't ever want deleted. For example, deleting a SQL database means you'll also be losing all the data in its tables. You simply don't want to do it. Here's where resource locks come in. The help you 'lock' down a resource to prevent accidentally modifying it or worse, deleting it.
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Loading indicators: the art of convincing users its worth the wait

In an ideal world, file downloads or an application start would happen in the blink of an eye. So would website loads and rendering of information on views. However, in reality that's not usually the case; more often than not, there are delays. And when this happens for an acceptable experience, users should be given feedback to let them know that they need to wait a bit (or a lot as the case may be).
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Increase Cloud productivity by sharing dashboards on the Azure Portal

With the latest release of the Azure Portal, all these awesome customizations you've done on your dashboard can now be published to the cloud and shared with your colleagues. Moreover, you can create multiple dashboards and choose which to keep private, which to share, and whom to share them with.
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Discover insights and visuals of your Azure resources using the Portal tile gallery

Happy new year! Glad to be back blogging in the new year. Previously, I've blogged on ways to customize your dashboard. Today, I'd like to continue that discussion by exploring the tile gallery in more detail.
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